By Muhyiddin Ibn al-'Arabi
Translated by Michael Sells
By Issa Makhlouf
Mum is Down
By Oscarine Bosquet
Translated by Cole Swensen, Simone Fattal
By Eugénie Paultre
Translated by Cole Swensen, Simone Fattal, Etel Adnan
By Habib Tengour
Translated by Marilyn Hacker
Vision of the Return
By Amin Khan
Translated by Dawn-Michelle Baude
By Demosthenes Agrafiotis
Translated by John Sakkis, Angelos Sakkis
The Real Life of Shadows
By Jean Frémon
Translated by Cole Swensen
Two Markets, Once Again
By Ryoko Sekiguchi
Translated by Sarah Riggs
The Arab Apocalypse front cover image: bright orange background with a drawing of three broken, black circles lined up horizontally, with black streaks interrupting them. The circles could be representations of the sun. Text on the cover reads: Etel Adnan, The Arab Apocalypse, The Post-Apollo Press.
The Arab Apocalypse
By Etel Adnan
Figured Image
By Anne-Marie Albiach
Translated by Keith Waldrop
By Elfriede Jelinek
Translated by P.J. Blumenthal
Abu Musa’s Women Neighbors
By Ahmed Toufiq
Translated by Roger Allen
Twelve Nights
By Gerlind Reinshagen
Translated by Anthony Vivis
Mind-God and The Properties of Nitrogen
By Fouad Gabriel Naffah
Translated by Norma Cole
Everything Happens
By Dominique Fourcade
Translated by Stacy Doris
Codicil & Plan for Pond 4
By Emmanuel Hocquard
Translated by Juliette Valéry, Ray DiPalma
A Descriptive Method
By Claude Royet-Journoud
Translated by Keith Waldrop
Agatha & Savannah Bay
By Marguerite Duras
Translated by Howard Limoli
Josef Is Dying
By Ulla Berkéwicz

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