Codicil & Plan for Pond 4

By Emmanuel Hocquard

Translated by Juliette Valéry, Ray DiPalma


The Post-Apollo Press
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Cover art & book design by Simone Fattal
Poetry, Translation
Edition, Year
First Edition, 1999
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From the Contemporary Poetry Series #1

These are two poems in one volume by one of the leading French poets of the new generation whose work is now becoming known in the U.S.

Emmanuel Hocquard
Emmanuel Hocquard (1940—2019) was born and raised in Tangiers. He is the author of over 20 books in his native French, many of which have been translated into English, including The Invention of Glass Read More
Juliette Valéry
Juliette Valéry is a poet, video artist, translator and publisher. She lives in Bordeaux, where she directs, formerly along with Emmanuel Hocquard, Un bureau sur l’Atlantique. She is also a member of the Royaumont Fondation, through which she ... Read More
Ray DiPalma
Ray Di Palma is the author of over forty collections of poetry and graphic art. His work has been widely published and has been translated into seven languages. His visual works (including artist’s books, collages, and prints) have ... Read More

These sentences are motheaten. I is in the present. Put those verbs into the past. You is also in the present. Echo. He and she are in the past or in the future, even if the verb is in the present. Read, spell, copy the following words: a tress, a caress. I’m pressed. This girl resembles you. The locksmith has been told to look at the lock.

Emmanuel Hocquard, from “Plan for Pond 4,” Chicago Review


Praise for Codicil and Plan for Pond 4

Emmanuel Hocquard, whether in fiction (Aerea in the Forests of Manhattan) or poetry (Theory of Tables), has always shied from the notion that what one says must really say something else and writes “directly from the circumstance.” The elegance and authority of his work comes from a perfect union of perception and grammar.

— Keith Waldrop

One of the best living poets in my opinion. Codicil is comparable to his sonnets.

— Steven, Goodreads

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