cover of War and Peace 3, the future, b&w photo of a simple recentular building at the top half of the cover with image of a clay model of a similar rectangular building
War and Peace 3
Edited by Leslie Scalapino, Judith Goldman
cover of Covers by Susan Landers; blue background, blue-tinted, faded panting of people in the nude strewn across the landscape
By Susan Landers
cover of Figured Image by anne-marie albiach, large ice glaciar with words printed on top in red and maroontext
Figured Image
By Anne-Marie Albiach
Translated by Keith Waldrop
cover for Step by Gerorge Albon, bright yellow background with a large white rectangle in the middle and black doodles inside
By George Albon
cover of Einar by Elfriede Jelinek; bright red background with light grey outline of a square at the center and three tick lines inside of varying shades of light grey
By Elfriede Jelinek
Translated by P.J. Blumenthal
Abu Musa’s Women Neighbors
By Ahmed Toufiq
Translated by Roger Allen
cover of Parcel by Sarah Anne Cox, image of groups of people with small sailboats on a beach above image of a large bird flying over sandy dunes
By Sarah Anne Cox
Fruitlands by Kate Colby, a drawing of a house infront of a forest, greyscale against a background of burgundy red. A sticker on the cover reads "Norma Faber First Book Award 2007"
By Kate Colby
Four from Japan: Contemporary Poetry & Essays by Women, by Kiriu Minashita, Kyong Mi-Park, Ryoko Sekiguchi, Takako Arai, Introduction & Translation by Sawako Nakayasu, Book cover showing big brush strokes in blue, yellows and greens against grey background.
Four from Japan
By Ryoko Sekiguchi, Takako Arai, Kiriu Minashita, Kyong-Mi Park
Translated by Cole Swensen, Sawako Nakayasu, Ryoko Sekiguchi
Counter Daemons by Roberto Harrison, Book cover showing thick black lines and cubes drawn in charcoal over yellow background.
Counter Daemons
By Roberto Harrison
cover of trespasses by Padcha Tuntha-pbas, beige background with navy blue curved brushstrokes
By Padcha Tuntha-Obas
cover of DeathStar/Ricochet by Judith Goldman; collage of war tanks, jet planes, and riot police on horseback breaking up a crowd
Death Star/rico-chet
By Judith Goldman
cover of Some Clear Souvenir by E. Tracy Grinnell, lavender purple textured image on top of a b&w image of the fabrics and textures
Some Clear Souvenir
By E. Tracy Grinnell
cover of Two or Three Things I'm Dying to Tell You by Jalal Toufic, repeated image of the back of a man in a grey suit, title printed in an orange speech bubble
Two or Three Things I’m Dying to Tell You
By Jalal Toufic
cover of cmyk by Michael Coffey; 4x4 grid of differently sized, colorful swatches of blues, reds, yellows, greens, and greys on a white background
By Michael Coffey
Inner China by Eva Sjödin, Translated by Jennifer Hayashida, Book cover showing delicate drawings of anatomical structures against brown background and lightly printed Swedish text.
Inner China
By Eva Sjödin
Translated by Jennifer Hayashida
cover of Aufgabe 5, fall 2005; pink background with horizontal orange lines and an orange rectangle along the bottom with curved lines in pink and orange interrupting their background interrupting
Aufgabe No. 5
Edited by E. Tracy Grinnell, Mark Tardi, Guy Bennett
Emptied of All Ships by Stacy Szymaszek, Book cover showing a photograph of waves in the ocean.
Emptied of All Ships
By Stacy Szymaszek
cover of Startle Response by heather fuller, sky blue background with an image of bats flying at night on top of an image of a group of healthcare personnel in full gowns, masks, and hair nets
Startle Response
By Heather Fuller
cover of War and Peace 2, two rows of three horse head busts, each head extended upward to make a nearly straight line
War and Peace 2
Edited by Leslie Scalapino, Judith Goldman

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