Journey to Mount Tamalpais
By Etel Adnan
The Paper Camera
The Paper Camera
By Youmna Chlala
The Supposium
Edited by Joan Retallack
By Norma Cole
Art by Marina Adams
Fabulas Feminae
By Susan Bee, Johanna Drucker
Towards the Primeval Lightning Field
By Will Alexander
Lazy Suzie
By Suzanne Doppelt
Translated by Cole Swensen
There Are People Who Say That Painters Shouldn’t Talk: A GUSTONBOOK
By Patrick James Dunagan
Crowd and not evening or light
By Leslie Scalapino
The Real Life of Shadows
By Jean Frémon
Translated by Cole Swensen
No Gender: Reflections on the Life & Work of kari edwards
Edited by E. Tracy Grinnell, erica kaufman, Julian Talamantez Brolaski
From Dame Quickly
By Jennifer Scappettone
Let George Do It
By George Deem
In Space in Situ
Art by Amy Evans McClure
Animate, Inanimate Aims
By Brenda Iijima
Art by Amy Evans McClure
The Arab Apocalypse front cover image: bright orange background with a drawing of three broken, black circles lined up horizontally, with black streaks interrupting them. The circles could be representations of the sun. Text on the cover reads: Etel Adnan, The Arab Apocalypse, The Post-Apollo Press.
The Arab Apocalypse
By Etel Adnan
A Dangerous Thing poetry by Ruth-Marion Baruch
A Dangerous Thing
By Ruth-Marion Baruch
It’s Go In/ Quiet Illumined Grass/ Land
By Leslie Scalapino
By Robert Grenier
The Indian Never Had a Horse & Other Poems
By Etel Adnan

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