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Additional Credits
Cover art & book design by Robert Grenier
Art, Hybrid Forms, Poetry
Edition, Year
First Edition, 1997
Loose-leaf, color xeroxed pages, in hard case portfolio, numbered and signed by the author

Thirty-two lavish red-black-blue-green drawing poems on 279 x 432 mm Hammermill acid-free thick clay-like stock in sturdy black portfolio wherein (dead?) author attempts to write (his name?) the signatures of some thing—art here?/can read?—in owl talk with letters. Some rough/approximate (bogus) American “equivalents” could read: Moon Light On Road. Owl Glides. Frogs Cease. Hillside as Such. Some Thing Through Brush. Iris Shining Depth Whom. Winter Solstice Xmas Tree. What a production!

Robert Grenier
Born in 1941, Robert Grenier is a wiry/paunchy, white-haired, disaffected, formerly influential, prototypical/clean-shaven/Harvard-educated “Language Writer” (from Minnesota) become wildly innovative, “neo-Romantic”/”old-fashioned,” hand-craft-writing/image-making, scruffy, corn, beans and squash-growing/blackberry-apple jam-making/set-in-his-ways type of opinionated, “archaic”-nuthead/vociferously “correct,” “liberal”/verbal/”extemporaneous” person living in Bolinas, ... Read More

Praise for OWL/ON/BOU/GH

Quelle xerographie!

— Anca Cristofovici

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