Towards the Primeval Lightning Field by Will Alexander, Book cover showing a busy painting of lines and dots meeting and merging in movement, yellow, orange, green and reds.
Towards the Primeval Lightning Field
By Will Alexander
cover of Crowd and not evening or light, a poem by Leslie Scalapino; bright sjy-blue background, b&w horizontal rectangular photo of landscape with hills in the distance and cows lying in the grass in the foreground
Crowd and not evening or light
By Leslie Scalapino
cover of Debts and Obligations by Alicia Cohen; detailed painting of fleeing prey animals with predator animals in pursuit and hunting
Debts and Obligations
By Alicia Cohen
cover of War and Peace 4, Vision and Text, surreal cuoloful panting of a tree with images of people and animals as leaves on its branches
War and Peace 4
Edited by Leslie Scalapino, Judith Goldman
cover of Containment Scenario by M. Mara-Ann; apple-green background with large square image of cutout of person riding a racehorse filled in with temperature change charts, on top of colorful images of people riding racehorses
containment scenario: DisloInter MedTextId entCation : Horse Medicine
By M. Mara-Ann
cover of In Space In Situ by Amy Evans McClure; photo of a navy blue statue on a pedestal in front of a wood wall of a woman with no arms or head
In Space in Situ
Art by Amy Evans McClure
cover of Horace by Tim Atkins, Horace in yellow font, refelcted below it at top of page, dark grey-blue background, square image of splattered colorful goopy paint in shades of green and pink
By Tim Atkins
cover of War and Peace 3, the future, b&w photo of a simple recentular building at the top half of the cover with image of a clay model of a similar rectangular building
War and Peace 3
Edited by Leslie Scalapino, Judith Goldman
cover of Covers by Susan Landers; blue background, blue-tinted, faded panting of people in the nude strewn across the landscape
By Susan Landers
cover of Parcel by Sarah Anne Cox, image of groups of people with small sailboats on a beach above image of a large bird flying over sandy dunes
By Sarah Anne Cox
cover of trespasses by Padcha Tuntha-pbas, beige background with navy blue curved brushstrokes
By Padcha Tuntha-Obas
cover of DeathStar/Ricochet by Judith Goldman; collage of war tanks, jet planes, and riot police on horseback breaking up a crowd
Death Star/rico-chet
By Judith Goldman
cover of Some Clear Souvenir by E. Tracy Grinnell, lavender purple textured image on top of a b&w image of the fabrics and textures
Some Clear Souvenir
By E. Tracy Grinnell
cover of cmyk by Michael Coffey; 4x4 grid of differently sized, colorful swatches of blues, reds, yellows, greens, and greys on a white background
By Michael Coffey
cover of Startle Response by heather fuller, sky blue background with an image of bats flying at night on top of an image of a group of healthcare personnel in full gowns, masks, and hair nets
Startle Response
By Heather Fuller
cover of War and Peace 2, two rows of three horse head busts, each head extended upward to make a nearly straight line
War and Peace 2
Edited by Leslie Scalapino, Judith Goldman
cover of 60lvbo(e)mbs by paolo javier; illustration of war zone with donald duck waving the US flag and standing on a tank, other disney characters, skulls, mechanical creatures, filld the foreground, warplanes and helicopters in the sky, the disney castle on the horizon line
60 Iv Bo(e)mbs
By Paolo Javier
cover of Home on the Range by Tenney Nathanson; colorful painting of two deer facing each other with blue ribbon in their mouths in a colorful, mythical landscape
Home on the Range
By Tenney Nathanson
cover War and Peace 1, two pastel drawings in green, blue, white, and blacks on beige paper
War and Peace 1
Edited by Leslie Scalapino
cover of Around Sea by brenda ijima; b&w rectangular photo of sandy dunes at center, top hald of background is brownish red, bottom half is bright blue, title is large white typed text centered above photo, author name is black typed text left-justified at the top
Around Sea
By Brenda Iijima

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