War and Peace 2

Edited by Leslie Scalapino, Judith Goldman

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Cover art by Amy Evans McLure
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First Edition, 2005
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War and Peace 2 is a collection of poetry and essays co-edited by Judith Goldman and Leslie Scalapino. Thirty-two poets, including Rae Armantrout, Steve Benson, Laynie Browne, Robert Creeley, Michael McClure, Michael Davidson, Joanne Kyger, Laura Moriarty, and others, and the artist Francesco Clemente, join forces in this anthology of both overtly and covertly anti-war poems. 

Leslie Scalapino
Leslie Scalapino (1947-2010) was born in Santa Barbara, California and raised in Berkeley. She is the author of thirty books of poetry, prose, inter-genre fiction, plays, and essays, including a collaboration with artist Kiki Smith, Read More
Judith Goldman
Judith Goldman is the author of Vocoder (Roof Books, 2001), DEATHSTAR/RICO-CHET (O Books, 2006), “the dispossessions” (atticus/finch, 2009), and l.b.; or, catenaries Read More

War is ever-present in these pages. From the Gulf War to the post-9/11 global war that continues to this day, the on-the-ground responses of poets in these collections presciently address our ongoing situation. Proper names may have changed, but the news stays new. To read these pages is to see differently. As Scalapino contends in enough: “Seeing what’s happening is a form of change.”

— Introduction to War and Peace series, Jacket2


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