cover of [where late the sweet] BIRDS SANG by stephen ratcliffe, textured magenta across the entire cover
[where late the sweet] BIRDS SANG
By Stephen Ratcliffe
cover of But I Could Not Speak by Jono Schneider; large circular b&w image of bare landscape with horizon line, hills in the distance, and an open sky near top center, circular b&w image of inside of busy public building with arched ceiling windows and many columned archways falling off the page at bottom left, baclground is thick stripes of dark purple-brown, teal blue, and white
"…But I Could Not Speak…"
By Jono Schneider
cover of 248mgs., a panic picnic by susan landers; white background with typed mint green title centered at top and author name centered in pink typing below, centered at bottom are two vertical rectangular images with black background, drawn in think white lines, each of the figure of a woman in the nude in front of a spinning wheel
248 mgs., a panic picnic
By Susan Landers
cover of 60lvbo(e)mbs by paolo javier; illustration of war zone with donald duck waving the US flag and standing on a tank, other disney characters, skulls, mechanical creatures, filld the foreground, warplanes and helicopters in the sky, the disney castle on the horizon line
60 Iv Bo(e)mbs
By Paolo Javier
cover of A's Dream by Aaron Shurin; forest green background, large smudge of white near cener of page, title in white typed text centered at the top, excerpt of text cuts across in in blue typing under title and falls off edge of page
A’s Dream
By Aaron Shurin
cover of Abjections by rick london, light grey-blue background with a smudge of light pink on left side slightly above horizontal, title is right justified at the bottom half of page and repeated in a column in black typed text, interrupted by author name in white typed text and the title written once in white text
Abjections: A Suite
By Rick London
cover of Around Sea by brenda ijima; b&w rectangular photo of sandy dunes at center, top hald of background is brownish red, bottom half is bright blue, title is large white typed text centered above photo, author name is black typed text left-justified at the top
Around Sea
By Brenda Iijima
cover of byt by William Fuller; sky blue background, title is left justified at top of page in white typed text, separated with a vertical white line from author name, which is right justified, horizontal thick white line is under the text, a light pink painting of a hand with just the three outer fingers and small rectangular shapes where the index and thumb digits should be
By William Fuller
cover of Candor by Alan Davies; mint green sponged textured background, square image of blue rippling water outlined with solid mint green near the center, book title is centered under the square in deep blue all caps typed text, author name is right justified at the bottom in all caps white tyeped text
By Alan Davies
cover of Close to me & Closer by Alice Notley; top of page is a painting of deer and llamas grazing and laying in yellow and green grass with a purple sky, bottom of page is a painting of a male and female lion facing each other in yellow grass
Close to me & Closer… (The Language of Heaven) and Désamère
By Alice Notley
cover of cmyk by Michael Coffey; 4x4 grid of differently sized, colorful swatches of blues, reds, yellows, greens, and greys on a white background
By Michael Coffey
cover of Cold Heaven by Camille Roy; b&w photo of two women with their arms around each other, background is b&w image of the galaxy
Cold Heaven
By Camille Roy
cover of Considering how exaggerated music is by Leslie Scalapino; diagonal line horizontally one-third down the cover, grey on top, black background on the bottom with two circles made up of music score
Considering how exaggerated music is
By Leslie Scalapino
cover of Containment Scenario by M. Mara-Ann; apple-green background with large square image of cutout of person riding a racehorse filled in with temperature change charts, on top of colorful images of people riding racehorses
containment scenario: DisloInter MedTextId entCation : Horse Medicine
By M. Mara-Ann
cover of Covers by Susan Landers; blue background, blue-tinted, faded panting of people in the nude strewn across the landscape
By Susan Landers
cover of Crowd and not evening or light, a poem by Leslie Scalapino; bright sjy-blue background, b&w horizontal rectangular photo of landscape with hills in the distance and cows lying in the grass in the foreground
Crowd and not evening or light
By Leslie Scalapino
cover by Curve by Andrew Levy; two smaller vertical rectangular b&w image negatives of nuns or saints, pink background with black line drawings with curves, lines, and arrows
By Andrew Levy
cover of DeathStar/Ricochet by Judith Goldman; collage of war tanks, jet planes, and riot police on horseback breaking up a crowd
By Judith Goldman
cover of Debts and Obligations by Alicia Cohen; detailed painting of fleeing prey animals with predator animals in pursuit and hunting
Debts and Obligations
By Alicia Cohen
Discussion Crowds the Slow Worker by Lori Lubeski; bright green background, deep blue crayon lines across the bottom with a small shape above
Dissuasion Crowds the Slow Worker
By Lori Lubeski

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