cover of The Arcades by Michael Davidson, b&w image of the inside of a large building with a windowed cieling and many arches along the walls
The Arcades
By Michael Davidson
cover of The Case by Laura Moriarty, teal background at the top, the bottom half has a collaged time lapse b&w image of a woman in a dress sifting sand through her fingers and throwing it in the air at a lakeside
The Case
By Laura Moriarty
cover of The House Seen from Nowhere by Keith Waldrop; thick black ink smudge in a large vertical column on a white background, with title typed in red to its left and author name in black to its right
The House Seen from Nowhere
By Keith Waldrop
cover of The India Book by Andrew Schelling, light pink background and a vertical red-tinted photo of a small skeleton with a mask in a garden
The India Book: Essays and Translations from Indian Asia
By Andrew Schelling
cover of The Indian Never Had a Horse by etel adnan; light pink background with a large vertical rectangle centered of a black ink drawing of trees and a horizon line, title and author photo centered below in typed text
The Indian Never Had a Horse & Other Poems
By Etel Adnan
cover of The Inveterate Life by Jessica Grim, white background with navy blue line horizontal across the bottom, then another connecting vertically to rose tinted photo of a landscape
The Inveterate Life
By Jessica Grim
cover of The Lion by jennifer moxley; orange background with a large off-white rectangle in the middle and black doodles inside, title and author name in blue typed text centered above
The Line
By Jennifer Moxley
The Mudra by Kerri Sonnenberg, Book cover showing a close up of two palms engaged in a Mudra/hand movement, one palm is open.
The Mudra
By Kerri Sonnenberg
cover of The New Make Believe by denise newman; pale green background with off-white square outlined in brown-red in the center and three thick lines inside of different lengths, one in pale green, two in different shades of brown-red, title and author name centered above in typed text
The New Make Believe
By Denise Newman
The Paper Camera by Youmna Chlala, Book cover showing a film grid with a blue image in movement.
The Paper Camera
By Youmna Chlala
cover of The Quietist by Fanny Howe, pale pink background with dark green hand drawing of lines like rain, a nail over an oval, and a face with a circle hat
The Quietist
By Fanny Howe
cover of The Seven Voices by Lisa Samuels, drawing of six butterflies separated by wood slats in a glass case, each pane of glass dusty with a clean/clear circle in the center of each
The Seven Voices
By Lisa Samuels
cover of The Spring Flowers Own & The Manifestations of the Voyage by Etel Adnan, yellowish/off-white background with vertical white rectangle near center and hand-drawn black lines and shading inside, author name centered above in black typing and title centered below in red typing
The Spring Flowers Own & The Manifestations of the Voyage
By Etel Adnan
cover of The Sugar Borders by William Fuller, light blue background with red line drawings of small birds
The Sugar Borders
By William Fuller
The Supposium: Thought Experiments & Poethical Play in Difficult Times, a Wager by Joan Retallack (Editor), Book Cover showing a collage of photographs, a marble sculpture, a dove, a man, a drawing of a foot, a painting of a face, a photograph of two people in a city.
The Supposium
Edited by Joan Retallack
cover Then Go On by Mary Burger; dark blue lines like spray paint stretch vertically across a green background. large red textured paint splotches across the middle with dark blue shapes like flower silhouettes along the top.
Then Go On
By Mary Burger
There Are People Who Say That Painters Shouldn’t Talk: A GUSTONBOOK
By Patrick James Dunagan
cover of THERE by etel adnan; burnt orange background, large square b&w photo of a table beside a stool on a box with gourdes in top, in front of a curtain and window
There: In the Light and the Darkness of the Self and of the Other
By Etel Adnan
cover of Thrall by Susan Gevirtz, light green background with a large white rectangle in the middle and black doodles inside, title and author name in red typed text
By Susan Gevirtz
cover of Time of Sky Castles in the Air by Ayane Kawata, translated by Sawako Nakayasu; illustration of bare trees growing out of grey water
Time of Sky & Castles in the Air
By Ayane Kawata
Translated by Sawako Nakayasu

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