Keith Waldrop

Author, Translator

Keith Waldrop author photo, close up on his face, he has a full white beard and gray hat

Keith Waldrop was born in Kansas and served in the United States military. He studied at Aix-Marseille and Michigan Universities, earning a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature in 1964. His first book of poetry, A Windmill Near Calvary (University of Michigan, 1968), was nominated for a National Book Award. He is the author of numerous collections of poetry, including Hegel’s Family, The Opposite of Letting the Mind Wander: Selected Poems and a few Songs, Shipwreck in Haven: Transcendental Studies, The Balustrade, Light While There is Light, The Locality Principle, Analogies of Escape and Haunt. Waldrop has received an award from the Fund for Poetry, fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Berlin Artists Program of the DAAD, and a Medal from the French government with Rank of Chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters. He currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island, where he teaches at Brown University, and has served as co-editor of Burning Deck Press, with his wife Rosmarie Waldrop, since 1968.

From Our Catalog

Well Well Reality
By Rosmarie Waldrop, Keith Waldrop
Figured Image
By Anne-Marie Albiach
Translated By Keith Waldrop
Another Kind of Tenderness
By Xue Di
Translated By Keith Waldrop, Forrest Gander, Stephen Thomas, Ted Deppe, Sue Ellen Thomas, Wang Ping, Hil Anderson, Waverly Crook, Iona Crook
The House Seen from Nowhere
By Keith Waldrop
A Descriptive Method
By Claude Royet-Journoud
Translated By Keith Waldrop

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