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apple tree with blossoms on a brooklyn street

Lyn Hejinian

“with sun up / and down dark on / and on as life continues / ending with urgency / —that— / a predatory subjectivity feels / drawn between banks / from higher grounds down / like ...

Logo of the Arab Workers Movement from 1972 to 1976 depicting a worker raising a fist in the shape of Palestine with Arabic writing below that reads Arab Labor Movement

Olivia C. Harrison: On Palestine Solidarity

This is the first post in a series of engagements by Litmus authors, translators, and editors reflecting on the connection of their work to the ongoing struggle and violence, current and historical, in Palestine. Rooted in our commitment to creating ...

24-Hour International Reading, Organizing, and Direct Aid

International Reading for Freedom of Expression & Solidarity with Palestine On November 25th, we gather writers from around the world for a 24-hour reading in support of Palestinian writers, Palestinian voices in diaspora, and their allies. We gather ...

Call for Indigenous LGBTQ2SIA+ poetry

Editors Crisosto Apache and Julian Talamantez Brolaski are excited to announce a call for submissions for a new volume of Indigiqueer / two-spirit poetry, tentatively titled Gathering in the Glittering Field: Indigenous Two-Spirit Poetry. This will be the first volume ...

The Coming Mental Range cover with an abstract painting by Will Alexander in yellow red blue and green with a band of solid red above and below the image

Alchemy of Species: on Will Alexander’s The Coming Mental Range

For Will Alexander, philosophy “means inquiry into the broadest view, into the most encompassing range, taking into account the known and what is considered to be the unknown.” This malleable and generous approach is also what animates ...


New Teaching Resource: Experimental Performance Scenarios

We are pleased to share our newly published Litmus Teaching Guide, Experimental Performance Scenarios, a three-book reference map exploring the constellation of thinking around performance writing. For this guide, we have prepared discussion questions and generative prompts focusing on

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