Abu Musa’s Women Neighbors
By Ahmed Toufiq
Translated by Roger Allen
cover of Home for the Summer by Georgina Kleege; medium sized black charcoal square at center of white background with four smaller charcoal sqaures in a line underneath, a banner of light green across the top and bottom with the title, author name, and press name written in red typed letters
Home for the Summer
By Georgina Kleege
cover of Josef is Dying by Ulla Berkéwicz, light pink background with white square and hand-drawn simple sketch of face
Josef Is Dying
By Ulla Berkéwicz
cover of sitt marie rose by etel adnan; white background, light grey map of lebanon behind black typed title and author name
Sitt Marie Rose
By Etel Adnan
Translated by Georgina Kleege
cover of The Dihedrons Gazelle-Dihedrals Zoom by leslie scalapino; textured dark red background, rectangular illustration of domes archway with images of statues of human figures, birds, and other stones collaged into the image
The Dihedrons Gazelle-Dihedrals Zoom
By Leslie Scalapino
cover of Twelve Nights by Gerlind Reinshagen; repeated image of a large tree with a red-tint
Twelve Nights
By Gerlind Reinshagen
Translated by Anthony Vivis
cover of Where The Rocks Started by Marc Atherton; two photos, one on top of the other, of a mountainous grassy valley with fog rolling through and hillsides in the difference
Where the Rocks Started
By Marc Atherton

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