The History of the Loma People

By Paul D. Korvah

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Literary Non-Fiction
Edition, Year
First Edition, 1995
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The History of the Loma People is a unique work on the origin, development and culture of an African tribe living in the northwest of Liberia. Written by a descendent of Paramount Chief Degein Korvah, the book combines an oral history of the tribe, its initial contact with the government, a description of cultural and social practices, and stories into an authentic, authoritative and rich ethnographic account. Paul D. Korvah has been a key figure in shaping the cultural, political, educational and social history of the Loma people as a tribal official, teacher, historian and county commissioner. The book will serve “as a guide to the young people of the country to underake similar work for the preservation of their cultures.”

From Paul D. Korvah’s preface: “I have read the lives of some of the great men of the world and believe they are comparable with the lives of the great men of the tribes of Liberia though the latter have been considered primitive. Contrasting them, I found similarities. My inspiration to begin this writing grew from this view.”

Paul D. Korvah
Paul Dagein Korvah is a descendent of the Paramount Chief Degein Korvah. Read More

Praise for The History of the Loma People

Korvah’s history is a multi-layered blend of legends, myths and facts that has both a tribal and national perspective. An important work by a member of the tribe that will stand as a significant account for preserving its traditional and modern history and culture ant its interaction with other ethnic groups.

— Similih M. Cordor

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