Edited by Sarah Riggs, Alisha Mascarenhas

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French, English, Arabic, Korean
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Multilingual, Periodicals, Poetics, Poetry, Translation
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First Edition, 2022
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READ: A Journal of Inter-Translation documents practices of experimental translation by and between poets of diverse origins who have participated in the annual translation seminars hosted by Tamaas, an inter-cultural arts organization, since 2014.

READ #9 emerges from translation projects carried out in Tamaas’s 2020 translation seminar—during a year that was unlike any other. Rather than coming together in a poet-to-poet translation exchange in Reid Hall, Paris, the poet-translators gathered remotely, from their respective satellite locations in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Paris, London and rural California. Working in English, French, Arabic, and Persian, in groups and in pairs, and often in solitude while the world around strained to survive the conditions of a global pandemic, the group assembled online every day for a week to discuss the challenges of and insights into the process of poetry translation. Published here in a free, digital format are the results of this 15th year of the annual Tamaas Translation Seminar, with contributions by Stine An, Mike Walsh, Genji Amino, Serubiri Moses, Habib Tengour, Cole Swensen, Rawad Wehbe, Khalil Hawi, Mona Kareem, Ra’ad Abdul Qadir, Isabelle Garron, E. Tracy Grinnell, and Alisha Mascarenhas.

This open-access, digital edition of READ #9 inaugurates a new collaboration between Litmus Press and Tamaas. Learn more about the project and find future issues here.

Sarah Riggs
Sarah Riggs is a writer, artist, filmmaker, and translator. She has published poetry books, most recently EAVESdrop with Chax (2020) and The Nerve Epistle with Roof Books (2021), as well as with 1913 Press, Burning Deck, Reality Street, Ugly ... Read More
Alisha Mascarenhas
Alisha Mascarenhas is a poet & translator, and the author, most recently of Contagion Fields (2021) with Belladonna*. She is a 2021-22 Emerge-Surface-Be Fellow with The Poetry Project, and a graduate of the MFA in Writing at Pratt Institute in ... Read More

Held, for its first fourteen years, at Reid Hall, an academic center operated by Columbia University in Vavin, in Paris, the workshop was named the READ Translation Seminar… In 2019, …[f]ollowing its first iteration outside of the academic institution, the seminar took the name of Tamaas Translation Seminar… Seminars have produced translations from French, English and Arabic languages, and, in some years, from Hebrew, Persian, and Italian.


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