READ Anthology

READ: A Journal of Inter-Translation documents and probes practices of experimental translation by and between poets of diverse origins and generations. These new open-access, digital editions of READ present a collaboration between Litmus Press and Tamaas.

READ Issue 9 will be available here early 2022

Since 2014 Tamaas, an inter-cultural arts organization, has been hosting annual week-long translation seminars. Poets based or sojourning in Paris, have been invited to work in pairs and groups to translate each other’s work. This poet-to-poet exchange is a distinctive feature of this cross-cultural workshop, and draws upon participants’ capacities as writers to handle the challenges of rendering poetry in another language.

The fruits of this workshop have been recorded annually, as READ. Previously READ was published in print with 1913 Press, its home for 15 years.
This year, however, marks a new digital publication project between Litmus Press and Tamaas, creating open-access editions of upcoming READ volumes. It is our hope that these digital editions can serve an extended community of writers, translators, educators and readers in their thinking through experimental translation. Online READ issues also allow poets to play with the possibilities afforded by digital publishing, as demonstrated by our first upcoming digital edition, READ Issue 9.

Future collaborative projects between Litmus Press and Tamaas are in the works, including an anthology of Arab poets and upcoming issues of READ. In their shared commitment to translation as a meeting place, Litmus Press & Tamaas are excited to extend this encounter through publication.

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