Isabelle Garron


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Isabelle Garron (b. 1968) is a younger generation French poet who teaches in Paris. She is the author of Qu’il faille (Editions Flammarion, 2007), Face devant contre (Editions Flammarion, 2002), Déferlage II (Editions Les Cahiers de la Seine, 2002), and Le corps échéant (Editions Les Cahiers de la Seine, 2000). Garron has also participated as poet and/or editor in various French journals, including Petite, Action Poétique, and Action restreinte. Her 2002 book of poems, Face devant contre, was translated into English by Sarah Riggs and published by Litmus Press as Face Before Against in 2008.

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Body Was
By Isabelle Garron
Translated By Eléna Rivera
Face Before Against
By Isabelle Garron
Translated By Sarah Riggs

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