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Isabelle Garron (b. 1968) is an associate professor in information and communication sciences at Telecom Paris – IpParis. Following a PhD in text and document sciences, she reissued Pierre Reverdy’s Lucarne Ovale (ThTy, 2001). She is the author of several books published by Flammarion: a trilogy composed of Face devant Contre (2002), Qu’il faille (2007, CNL encouragement grant) and Corps fut (2011), as well as Bras Vif (2018). She has collaborated on several anthologies as well as various magazines and collective events in France and abroad. From 2004 to 2012, she was a member of Action poétique and participated from 2005 to 2009 in Peinture Fraiche, a radiophonic program by Jean Daive on France Culture. To date, she has published only one prose piece, “Ensemble vide,” in the collection Surveillances (, 2016), edited by Céline Curiol and Philippe Aigrain. With Yves di Manno, she co-edited Un Nouveau Monde: poésies en France 1960-2010 (Flammarion, 2017), which received a prize from the Académie Française. In addition, she wrote the afterword for Cinq le Chœur (Flammarion, 2014), a volume of the complete works of Anne-Marie Albiach. With E. Tracy Grinnell, she translated Leslie Scalapino’s way (Éditions Corti, 2020). Two of her books have been translated and published by Litmus Press: Face Before Against (translated by Sarah Riggs, 2008) and Body Was (translated by Eléna Rivera, 2021).

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Body Was
By Isabelle Garron
Translated By Eléna Rivera
Face Before Against
By Isabelle Garron
Translated By Sarah Riggs

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