Posted March 16, 2023

From A to Z: Recordings, Reading Groups!

This past November we celebrated the launch for Etel Adnan’s From A to Z: the digital-critical edition with a collective reading and generative writing workshop. The event featured guest editors Alisha Mascarenhas, Lindsey Boldt and Sahar Khraibani as well as Litmus editors E. Tracy Grinnell and a.Monti and Litmus fellow Hazem Fahmy.

Scroll down to watch a recap of the event and to follow along with the generative writing exercises presented by the editors.

You can also join our asynchronous, virtual reading group!

This edition is part of Open Poetics Series 1, a collaboration between Litmus Press and CUNY Manifold, providing critical editions of out-of-print poetry for free, along with multimedia tools that illuminate their context. The platform is accessible to students, scholars, teachers and anyone interested in digital teaching tools.

The event was also an experiment in collective reading and writing, using Manifold’s reading group tool. Editions published with Manifold include a collaborative annotation feature, which facilitates dynamic line-by-line conversation, allowing readers to puzzle out the text via their own marginalia, or in discussion and collaboration within private or public groups.

For this event, we created a public group which you can join through this link. Explore other participant’s comments, translations and highlights and leave your own. We look forward to read with — and from — you!


Reading and Introduction to the Edition:


Writing Invitation #1:


Writing Invitation #2:


Writing Invitation #3:


Writing Invitation #4:


Writing Invitation #5 and Reading: