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The Paper Camera

By Youmna Chlala “Beauty is back, rejoice!” So ends The Paper Camera, Youmna Chlala’s flickering catalog of Beirut and other cities, where loss and longing are interspersed with vignettes of intimacy…
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Aja Couchois Duncan

Aja Couchois Duncan’s second collection of poetry, Vestigial, is fortcoming in 2021 from Litmus Press. Her debut collection, Restless Continent, won the California Book Award in 2016…
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Leslie Scalapino Award for Women Performance Writers: Plays

The Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers (2012-2018) recognized the importance of exploratory approaches and an innovative spirit in writing for performance. The award was administered by The Relationship , which also produced and directed productions…
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New & Noteworthy

Off-World Fairy Tales
By Susan Bee, Johanna Drucker
By Joan Retallack
The Arab Apocalypse
By Etel Adnan

New from our Blog

Posted October 29, 2020

Announcing the results of Our 2020 Open Call

Litmus Press is thrilled to announce the two manuscripts chosen for publication from our 2020 Open Call for First and Second Books! Final decisions were made by Tracie Morris, who selected Elisabeth Houston's Standard American English and Ada Smailbegović's The Cloud Notebook. Both manuscripts are their author's first ...

Posted October 23, 2020

O Books Periodicals Now Available at Jacket2 Reissues

Breaking with standard Reissues format, this release celebrates an extraordinary set of editorial projects by a single editor over three related initiatives. Spanning twenty-one years from 1988 until 2009, Leslie Scalapino produced four O Books Anthologies, a single-issue magazine coedited with Rick London called enough, and a four-issue run of a ...

Posted October 23, 2020

Simone Fattal discusses The Post-Apollo Press

The first major exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall in 2020 was a comprehensive presentation of the works by the Lebanese-American artist Simone Fattal. Fix Your Gaze on Saturn's Rings included a selection of publications by Post-Apollo Press, illustrated both by Fattal herself and by her life partner, ...

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