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Journey to Mount Tamalpais

By Etel Adnan. “Poetry, it is believed, is the revelation of the self. Painting, the revelation of the world. But it could also be the other way around.” This book is an ars poetica at the meeting point of Adnan’s verbal and visual practices. It is a love poem to a mountain in ...
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Etel Adnan

Etel Adnan was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1925. She is a celebrated writer, essayist, and playwright, and is the author of more than twenty books in all these disciplines. Her paintings, described by New York Times art critic Roberta Smith as “stubbornly radiant abstractions,” have been widely exhibited. In 2014 she was named Chevalier des Arts ...
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Aja Couchois Duncan

Two books by Aja Couchois Duncan for $25: Vestigial (2021) and winner of the 2017 California Book Award Gold Medal for Poetry, Restless Continent (2016).
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New & Noteworthy

Body Was
By Isabelle Garron
Translated by Eléna Rivera
By Aja Couchois Duncan
By Hocine Tandjaoui
Translated by Olivia C. Harrison, Teresa Villa-Ignacio

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Posted February 10, 2021

Experimental Writing and Beyond — Joan Retallack Interviewed at Place

The following is an excerpt from Jan Baetens' interview with Joan Retallack, "Experimental Writing and Beyond An interview with Joan Retallack," in the January 2021 issue of Place magazine. Baetens:  ...[Y]ou repeatedly draw attention to a certain analogy between scientific experimentation and poetic writing. The scope of this analogy seems ...

Posted December 09, 2020

BOSCH'D - A Dialogue in the Swamp w/ Retallack, Moten, de la Torre, and Gander

Joan Retallack’s poetry collection, BOSCH’D—fables, moral tales & other awkward constructions, reminds us of the beauty that can be found when relinquishing what we can’t control and of the rejuvenation that comes from realizing the possibility of our own actions. My journey through the ...

Posted November 23, 2020

COVID Reading: States of Confinement in Danielle Collobert’s It Then

With the last gasp of summer behind us, the outlook for winter 2021 is grim. As COVID cases surge, states are imposing new restrictions on interactions in public and private spaces. The isolation necessitated by the virus was difficult enough during the first wave; now, after having experienced ...

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