Paris, When It’s Naked

By Etel Adnan


The Post-Apollo Press
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Cover art & book design by Simone Fattal
Literary Non-Fiction, Poetics
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First Edition, 1993
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A daily odyssey between the Rue Madame and Place Saint-Sulpice leads to an incredible construction of the living myth that Paris represents… [Paris, When It’s Naked] places its author on the radical fringe… a minor classic…

— Carl Bankston III, American Book Review

Etel Adnan
Etel Adnan was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1925. She is a celebrated writer, essayist, and playwright, and is the author of more than twenty books in all these disciplines. Her work as a whole is a ... Read More

Praise for Paris, When It’s Naked

Etel Adnan tells a story of our time, a time when simply to sit and think is to be baffled bu a thousand shifting currents of social and political (and therefore personal) possibilities. Beneath the daily round of the individual, and the habituations of Paris as a locale, move forces (market, military, demographic) that threaten to subvert and destroy, promise to challenge and enlighten. This conflict is made naked here, thanks to Adnan’s wonderful ability to level with herself and her readers. The light of the personal becomes all the brighter, among such giant shadows.

— David Bromige

Paris, When It’s Naked amazes our retinas, ears, lips, fingertips, and noses with sensing, talking, and envisioning the city of Baudelaire and Delacroix, Mallarmé and Picasso, Sartre and Djuna Barnes, Miller and Nin, Vietnamese and African refugees, revolutions and Bohemia. This tale of the Creative Now is told through the fine-tuned sensibility of Etel Adnan, the expatriate poet-painter who knows the French capital as wholly as she does Beirut and San Francisco, her other homes. She is also the author of Sitt Marie Rose, an underground novel of the Lebanese Civil War, and many books of poetry. Her new work is a philosophically charged lyric in prose. The elán vital of every word evokes the eternal present of this wise woman. A highly personal, life-enhancing masterpiece in a deathly age of impersonality. An indispensable book by an indispensable writer. 

— Morgan Gibson

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