O One / An Anthology

Edited by Leslie Scalapino


O Books
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Design by Leslie Scalapino and Bill Rock
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First Edition, 1988
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This collection of seventeen writers is an investigation of the form of extended poem, series, sequence, or the idea of the “book.” An entire book of Larry Eigner’s, Anything on Its Side, is included, as well as an entire book by Alice Notley: Parts of a Wedding. Extended works are the focus of this collection. The works included are examples of writing that questions and transgresses genre lines between forms of poetic and critical discourse. The selections are sequences or books as single works, composed of poems sometimes with interjections of prose-like commentary and of poems which are commentary as lyrical expressions. Some of the selections are essays which reflect in a poetic form on their own process. The collection contains writings by Robert Grenier, Nathaniel Mackey, Lyn Hejiinian, Michael Palmer, Alan Davies, Charles Bernstein, Abigail Child, Benjamin Hollander, Aaron Shurin, Jerry Ratch, Tom Raworth, Rick London, Larry Kearney, and Norma Cole. O One is a book/single work which could be read from the beginning to the end, or read as composed of individual parts.

Leslie Scalapino
Leslie Scalapino (1947-2010) was born in Santa Barbara, California and raised in Berkeley. She is the author of thirty books of poetry, prose, inter-genre-fiction, plays, and essays, including a collaboration with artist Kiki Smith, The ... Read More

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