By Abigail Child


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Additional Credits
Cover art by Arthur Fellig (Weegee)
Design by Annie Stenzel
Edition, Year
First Edition, 1994
In Print

Like her films, Abigail Child’s Mob uses thrilling formal strategies, kinetically tracing, tracking, and dancing the mind of the body to challenge the social dystopia with eros. The eros of these poems is gorgeously articulated and deeply feminist in its manner of exploring the boundaries and sometimes lack of boundaries between feminine sexual joy and the violence and power blockages of social decay. — Carla Harryman

Abigail Child
Abigail Child is a media artist and writer whose original montage pushes the envelope of sound-image-text. The author of five other books of poetry, among them A Motive for Mayhem (Potes & Poets Press, ... Read More

Praise for Mob

With sure grace Abigail Child explores the hurting corners of our vicious world and the tender places on our bodies. Her new book is a fiery J’accuse against a war-fueled, heterosexist Uberhaus that flaunts “the privilege of a window ignoring its cost.” She has always been a provocative poet and thinker, but now she writes her twin obsessions into transparence. Between the words vast flamethrowers aimed by angels singe and give off steam.

— Kevin Killian

Mob: Let those without skin cast the first rip-up. Sentences ticking, syllable detonators to choke the bully because readers can foam common sense just dispersed as lacandone dwelling. Scatsung subtleties & colossalized jumpstarts… kick back the covers. No shun fun, A-line molecules. The elusive revs up story as loinwards’ exemptive trigger better than staccato. Lips bolt the ballot licking the surplus. Only the impossible is intimate enough. X Y Z book ends between plural.

— Bruce Andrews

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