Aufgabe No. 9

Edited by E. Tracy Grinnell, Julian Talamantez Brolaski, Mark Tardi, Laura Moriarty, Nathanaël


Litmus Press
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Cover art by Hannah Barrett
Design by HR Hegnauer, HvA Design & E. Tracy Grinnell
Edition, Year
First Edition, 2010
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Aufgabe is an annual journal of new American poetry, essays, notes, reviews, talks and poetry in translation. Aufgabe No. 9, edited by E. Tracy Grinnell, Julian Talamantez Brolaski, and Paul Foster Johnson, features Polish poetry and poetics in translation, guest edited by Mark Tardi, and an “A Tonalist Set” guest edited by Laura Moriarty. Contributing poetry editors are Jen Hofer and Nathalie Stephens (Nathanaël). Art editor is Rachel Bers. Contributors include: Stefani Barber, Paolo Javier, Justyna Bargielska, Andrew Joron, Aneta Kaminska, Kacper Bartczak, Vincent Katz, Ellen Baxt, Myung Mi Kim, Dodie Bellamy, Virginia Lucas, Martine Bellen, Filip Marinovich, Guy Bennett, C. J. Martin, Miron Białoszewski, Edric Mesmer, Miłosz Biedrzycki, Laura Moriarty, Julia Bloch, Monika Mosiewicz, Taylor Brady, Eileen Myles, Ewa Chrusciel, Lee Norton, Norma Cole, Linnea Ogden, CAConrad, Geoffrey Olsen, Rob Cook, Przemysław Owczarek, Craig Cotter, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Michael Cross, Tomaž Šalamun, Brent Cunningham, Leslie Scalapino, Mina Pam Dick, Standard Schaefer, Dolores Dorantes, Kate Schapira, Patrick Durgin, Anne Shaw, Cathy Eisenhower, Rick Snyder, Laura Elrick, Andrzej Sosnowski, Rodrigo Flores, Celina Su, Cal Freeman, Katarzyna Szuster, Karen Garthe, Michel van Schendel, Nada Gordon, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Noah Eli Gordon, Craig Watson, Andy Gricevich, Tyrone Williams, James Grinwis, Dustin Williamson, Rob Halpern, Stephanie Young, Alan Halsey, Ouyang Yu, Brenda Iijima, Elizabeth Zuba, Scott Inguito, Michael Ives. Artwork by Hannah Barrett.

E. Tracy Grinnell
E. Tracy Grinnell is the author of Hell Figures (Nightboat Books, 2016), portrait of a lesser subject (Elis Press, 2015), Helen: A Fugue (Belladonna Elder Series ... Read More
Laura Moriarty
Laura Moriarty was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and in Northern California. She attended the University of California at Berkeley. She was the Director of the American Poetry Archives at the Poetry Center ... Read More
Nathanaël is the author of more than thirty books written in English or in French, and published in the United States, Québec and France. Notable works include Hatred of Translation (2019), D’un geste décidé (2018), L’heure limicole (2016), and ... Read More
Julian Talamantez Brolaski
Julian Talamantez Brolaski the author of Of Mongrelitude (Wave Books 2017), Advice for Lovers (City Lights 2012), and gowanus atropolis (Ugly Duckling Presse 2011).  Julian was the coediter, with E. Tracy Grinnell and erica kaufman, of NO GENDER: Reflections on ... Read More
Mark Tardi
Mark Tardi is the author of The Circus of Trust (Dalkey Archive Press, 2017), Airport music (Burning Deck, 2013), and Euclid Shudders (Litmus, 2004). His translation of The Squatters’ Gift by Robert Rybicki is forthcoming in 2021 from ... Read More

An engaging and provocative issue of this ever-impressive annual… complex and inventive work worthy of serious reading and sustained attention… Translations from the Polish are astounding, especially considering how challenging creating the English versions must have been…

— Sima Rabinowitz, New Pages


About Aufgabe No. 9

My aim with this project was to offer some points of convergence and proliferation, both on [Miron] Białoszewski and contemporary Polish poetry today. It in no way purports to be exhaustive, but it is my deepest hope that the selections here offer what Michael Palmer might call “the hum of the possible-to-say.”

— Mark Tardi, “The Salt of Structure: Miron Białoszewski & the Future of Innovative Polish Poetry”

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