Susan Gevirtz


Susan Gevirtz lives in San Francisco. Her books include Aerodrome Orion & Starry Messenger (2010); Broadcast (2010); Hourglass Transcripts (2001); Spelt, a collaboration with Myung Mi Kim (1999); Black Box Cutaway (1999); Narrative’s Journey: The Fiction and Film Writing of Dorothy Richardson (1996); PROSTHESIS : : CAESAREA (1994); Taken Place (1993); Linen minus (1992); and Domino: point of entry (1992). She teaches at California College of the Arts, The University of San Francisco, Mills College, San Francisco State University, and The Hellenic International School of the Arts in Paros, Greece, where she co-organizes the annual translation and conversation meeting of The Paros Symposium.

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By Susan Gevirtz

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