Ryoko Sekiguchi

Author, Translator

Ryoko Sekiguchi was born in 1970 in Tokyo, and has lived in Paris since 1997. Her books in Japanese include Cassiopeia Peca (1993), (com)position (1996), Diapositives Luminescentes (2000), Two Markets, Once again (2001), and Tropical Botanical Garden (2004), all published by Shoshi Yamada. Since 1999 she has translated her own writing into French, including Calque (P.O.L., 2001) and Cassiopée Peca (cipM/Les compoirs de nouvelle B.S.), as well as The Other Voice by Yoshimasu Gozo (Caedere, 2002) and other works by Japanese poets. Apparition is the title of a collaboration with Rainier Lericolais (Les cahiers de la Seine, 2005). She has also translated from Dari to Japanese the book Earth and Ashes by the Afghan writer and filmmaker Atiq Rahimi (Inscript, 2003).

From Our Catalog

Two Markets, Once Again
By Ryoko Sekiguchi
Translated By Sarah Riggs
Four from Japan
By Ryoko Sekiguchi, Takako Arai, Kiriu Minashita, Kyong-Mi Park
Translated By Cole Swensen, Sawako Nakayasu, Ryoko Sekiguchi

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