Anne-Marie Albiach


Anne-Marie Albiach headshot, sepia close-up on face

Anne-Marie Albiach (1937-2012) was a French poet and translator. With Claude Royet-Journoud and Michel Couturier, she co-edited the magazine Siécle a mains, where she first published her translation of Louis Zukofsky’s “A-9.” Her English publications include Figured Image (The Post-Apollo Press, 2006), A Geometry (Burning Deck, 1998), Vocative Figure (Allardyce, Barnett, Publishers, 1991), and État (Awede Press, 1989). She translated Poème de mémoire by Keith Waldrop in 1982.

From Our Catalog

Figured Image
By Anne-Marie Albiach
Translated By Keith Waldrop
Mezza Voce
By Anne-Marie Albiach
Translated By Joseph Simas

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