Andrew Schelling


Andrew Schelling lives in the Southern Rocky Mountains, dividing his time between Boulder, Colorado, and a former mining camp in the Indian Peaks. He has worked on land use in the American West, ecology, and wolf reintroduction. Recent books include A Possible Bag (poetry; Singing Horse Press, 2013), From the Arapaho Songbook (poetry; La Alameda Press, 2011), Old Tale Road (poetry; Empty Bowl Press, 2008) and Wild Form, Savage Grammar: Poetry, Ecology, Asia (essays; La Alameda Press, 2003). For thirty years he has studied Sanskrit and Indian raga, and published seven books of translation from India’s early poets, most recently a revised edition of Dropping the Bow: Poems of Ancient India (White Pine Press, 2008). He teaches at Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School and at Deer Park Institute in India’s bird-rich Himalayan foothills.

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The India Book: Essays and Translations from Indian Asia
By Andrew Schelling

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