Todd Baron



Born in California, Todd Baron attended Immaculate Heart College for two years, studying with Martha Ronk, and Peter Levitt. In 1984 he moved to San Francisco, studying at New College with various California poets, including Robert Duncan, Michael Palmer, Lyn Hejinian, and Diane DiPrima. He earned his Master’s degree in poetics in 1989. With Dennis Phillips, Martha Ronk and Paul Vangelisti, he co-founded Littoral books in 1991, a press that developed out of these poets’ relationships with Lee Hickman. He has written art criticism for various journals, including Artnews, Art Issues, and New Art Examiner. Baron has taught at the Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles City College, West Los Angeles College, and the Crosssroads School for the Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica.

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Return of the World
By Todd Baron

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