Lisa Samuels

Author, Editor

Lisa Samuels author photo, holding a colorful cardboard cut out of four rectangle outlines in front of her face

Lisa Samuels works in experimental poetry, prose, sound, visual art & film. Her many books include The Seven Voices (O Books 1998), Mama Mortality Corridos (Holloway 2010), Wild Dialectics (Shearsman 2012), Anti M (Chax 2013), Symphony for Human Transport (Shearsman 2017), and The Long White Cloud of Unknowing (Chax 2019), her novel Tender Girl (Dusie 2015) is forthcoming in translation with Partizanska Press in 2021, and her art film Tomorrowland (2017) adapts her book and CDs of that title. Her theories of deformance, autography, membranism, and distributed centrality have wide circulation, and her collaborative editing includes the anthology A TransPacific Poetics (Litmus 2017) and the journal Ka Mate Ka Ora. Lisa is a transnational artist and theorist, shaped by transplace living across different lands and oceans. She lives in Aotearoa/New Zealand and works as a Professor at the University of Auckland. In 2021, Boiler House Press will bring out her new book, Breach.

From Our Catalog

A Transpacific Poetics
Edited By Lisa Samuels, Sawako Nakayasu
The Seven Voices
By Lisa Samuels

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