Jean Day


Jean Day’s recent work can be found in The Triumph of Life, a book of poems published by Insurance Editions in 2016, and in Chicago Review, The Delineator, Across the Margin, Open House, Breather, and Jongler (French). She is the author of five previous books of poetry and several chapbooks, among them Early Bird (O’Clock, 2014) and Enthusiasm: Odes & Otium (Adventures in Poetry, 2006). Her translations from the Russian of poets Nadezhda Kondakova and Ilya Kutik (with Elena Balashova and Lyn Hejinian, respectively), have been published in Third Wave: New Russian Poetry (University of Michigan, 1992), Crossing Centuries: The New Generation in Russian Poetry (Talisman House, 2000), and Big Bridge (, 2013). She lives in Berkeley, where she works as managing editor of Representations, an interdisciplinary humanities journal published by the University of California Press.

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By Jean Day

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