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Heather Fuller grew up in Keflavik, Iceland; Dale City, Virginia; and Henderson, North Carolina. She now resides in Takoma Park, Maryland, just outside D.C. She has worked with non-profits on homelessness and poverty issues for the past eight years and edits poetry & book reviews for The Washington Review, as well as practices venipuncture on oranges, on the side. Her first volume of poetry was perhaps this is a rescue fantasy (Edge Books, 1997), followed by Dovecote (Edge Books, 2001). In addition, she has two chapbooks: beggar (Situation Magazine, 1998) and Eyeshot (Propjet, 1999). Poetry, excerpts of plays, essays, and reviews have appeared in alyricmailer, Antenym, articulate, Aufgabe, Big Allis, Cartograffiti, Chain, Combo, distance carrier, Georgetown Journal on Fighting Poverty, kenning, Membrane, Mirage #4/Period[ical], the mi nnesota review, On Your Knees Citizen, Philly Talks Newsletter, Phoebe, Poetry New York, Primary Writing, random, read.me, Situation, So to Speak, The Organ, The Tangent, two girls review, the washington review, and Zazil. Her collaborations include a fiber art and poetry collaboration with Perreaoult Daniels in the Cooks Smell Time group installation at the Ruthless Grip, D.C.; a printmaking and poetry collaboration with Susan Goldman for the Corcoran Print Portfolio 2000; a photography and poetry collaboration with Michelle Frankfurter for Membrane; a letterpress and poetry collaboration with Buck Downs and the Pyramid Atlantic letterpress shop for Pyramid Atlantic Signature Series Postcards; and a voice collaboration with Gray Snead for Snake Hiss: A Transcendental Friend Audio Project.

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