Gerlind Reinshagen


An important figure in contemporary German literature and performance, Gerlind Reinshagen (1926—2019) was a novelist, playwright, poet, and author of children’s books. Reinshagen was best known for her experimental radio and stage plays, which frequently focus on environmental and feminist issues. She received a Schiller Memorial Prize in 1974, the Mülheimer Dramatikerpreis in 1977, the Andreas Gryphius Prize in 1982, the Roswitha Prize in 1988, the Ludwig Mülheims Preis in 1993, and the Niedersächsischer Staatspreis in 1999. The film Himmel und Erde (1999), directed by Ina Borrmann was based on one of her plays. Twelve Nights (The Post-Apollo Press, 2005) is her first novel to be translated into English.

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Twelve Nights
By Gerlind Reinshagen
Translated By Anthony Vivis

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