Dominique Fourcade


Dominique Fourcade was born in Paris in 1938. His books of poetry include Le ciel pas d‘angle (1983), Rose-déclic (1984), Son blanc du un (P.O.L., 1986), Xbo (1988), Outrance utterance et autres élégies (1990), IL (1994), and Le sujet monotype (1997). Both Rose-déclic (Click-Rose) and Xbo have been translated into English by Keith Waldrop and Robert Kocik, respectively, and have been published by Sun and Moon Press. He edited a collection of writings by the painter Henri Matisse, Ecrit et propos sur l’art. Dominique Fourcade lives in Paris.

From Our Catalog

Everything Happens
By Dominique Fourcade
Translated By Stacy Doris

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