Alicia Cohen



Alicia Cohen lives in Portland, Oregon, with her two children and the writer Tom Fisher. In addition to writing poetry and criticism she has shown work in the visual and performance arts, including a gallery installation and poem-opera entitled Northwest Inhabitation Log. Her first collection of poems, bEAR, was published by Handwritten Press (2000) and Debts and Obligations from O Books (2009) was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award. Her poetry has been published in, among others, Ecopoetics, Spectaculum, The Cultural Society, and LVNG, as well as the anthologies War and Peace and Salt: Poetry on the Oregon Coast. She was a student in the Poetics Program at SUNY Buffalo and has written on the work of Emily Dickinson, Jack Spicer, Andy Goldsworthy, Leslie Scalapino and others, and has taught literature at Reed College and Portland State University.

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Debts and Obligations
By Alicia Cohen

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