cover of Tottering State by Tom Raworth, black background with white and light brown creating the shape of a simplified eye
Tottering State
By Tom Raworth
cover of trespasses by Padcha Tuntha-pbas, beige background with navy blue curved brushstrokes
By Padcha Tuntha-Obas
cover of Turn Left In Order to Go Right by Norman Fischer, red bacground with vertical rectangular b&w photo of a beach and a person jumping in the ocean in the distance
Turn Left in Order to Go Right
By Norman Fischer
cover of Uxudo by Anne Tardos, whote background with macro black brush strokes
By Anne Tardos
cover of Values Chauffer You by Andrew Levy, light pink background with human chaped figure with a paddle ball racquet for a head
Values Chauffeur You
By Andrew Levy
cover of VEL by P. Inman, black line drawing of bird silhouettes and a square b&w image of a wall and white pitcher
By P Inman
cover War and Peace 1, two pastel drawings in green, blue, white, and blacks on beige paper
War and Peace 1
Edited by Leslie Scalapino
cover of War and Peace 2, two rows of three horse head busts, each head extended upward to make a nearly straight line
War and Peace 2
Edited by Leslie Scalapino, Judith Goldman
cover of War and Peace 3, the future, b&w photo of a simple recentular building at the top half of the cover with image of a clay model of a similar rectangular building
War and Peace 3
Edited by Leslie Scalapino, Judith Goldman
cover of War and Peace 4, Vision and Text, surreal cuoloful panting of a tree with images of people and animals as leaves on its branches
War and Peace 4
Edited by Leslie Scalapino, Judith Goldman
cover of way, a poem by leslie scalapino, two vertical regtangular b&w photos of people dancing on an off-white background
By Leslie Scalapino

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