cover of Mob by Abigail Child; black background, b&w aerial image of large crowd in swimwear
By Abigail Child
cover of Moira by Norma Cole; light grey background, four large pencil-drawn blobs, white on the inside, Moira handwritten in red all-caps in the biggest center blob
By Norma Cole
cover of Music or Forgetting by E. Tracy Grinnell; rectangular b&w photo of families walking between tall cement buildings, light shining through behind, bright sky blue background behind image and a deep maroon column along right side
music or forgetting
By E. Tracy Grinnell
cover of O Four, Subliminal Time edited by Leslie Scalapino; "my heart is destiny" twice in bright blue handwritten text vertically, one on top of the other with blue crayon-like rectangular outline, blurb about the book typed in blue text in a column on the right side of cover
O Four / Subliminal Time
Edited by Leslie Scalapino
cover of O One Anthology; pale pink background and bright blue typed writing, white rectangle with pale pink typed writing of title
O One / An Anthology
Edited by Leslie Scalapino
cover of O Three, War edited by Leslie Scalapino, dark grey background with small cut-out white squares with handwritten blue and red writing
O Three / War
Edited by Leslie Scalapino
cover of O Two anthology edited by Leslie Scalapino, bright teal rectangle with scratch marks at top center with light brown-purple background and white smudges
O Two / An Anthology
Edited by Leslie Scalapino
cover of Parcel by Sarah Anne Cox, image of groups of people with small sailboats on a beach above image of a large bird flying over sandy dunes
By Sarah Anne Cox
cover of Partisans by Rodrigo Toscano, b&w landscape of two people walking on the beach along bottom half of cover, close of of people standing in a crowd along the top half
By Rodrigo Toscano
cover of Phantom Anthems by Robert Grenier, bright blue background with large brush-stroke white circle at center; a black rectangle with large white brush stroke stretches from left side
Phantom Anthems
By Robert Grenier
cover of Picture of the Picture by Craig Watson, light pink background with smal rectangle image at center of cave drawings with teal tint
Picture of the Picture of the Image in the Glass
By Craig Watson
cover of Plum Stones by michael mcclure, light blue background with circular illustration at the center of boar-like creature standing on land and a dragon in water
Plum Stones/Cartoons of No Heaven
By Michael McClure
cover of Precisely the Point Being Made by Norman Fischer, off-white background with rectangular image along the bottom of light grey circles and black dots
Precisely the Point Being Made
By Norman Fischer
cover of Return of the World by Todd Baron, crayon textured light purple background with crayon-textured handwritten book title and author name
Return of the World
By Todd Baron
cover of Rome, A Mobile Home by Jerry Estrin, dark red background with horizontal b&w close-up photo of a line of stones in sand
Rome, a Mobile Home
By Jerry Estrin
cover of Rumors of Buildings to Live In by Keith Shein, metal staircase in the sky, small bird perched on the railing
Rumors of Buildings to Live In
By Keith Shein
cover of Some Clear Souvenir by E. Tracy Grinnell, lavender purple textured image on top of a b&w image of the fabrics and textures
Some Clear Souvenir
By E. Tracy Grinnell
cover of Startle Response by heather fuller, sky blue background with an image of bats flying at night on top of an image of a group of healthcare personnel in full gowns, masks, and hair nets
Startle Response
By Heather Fuller
cover of Talking In Tranquility, interviews with Ted Berrigan, light pink columns along the sides and an vertical b&w photo of a man reading from a music stand and a woman facing him
Talking in Tranquility: Interviews with Ted Berrigan
By Ted Berrigan, Leslie Scalapino
Edited by Stephen Ratcliffe
cover of "that they were at the beach" by leslie scalapino, pink background with a b&w image across the bottom of two groups of people in swimwear playing tug-of-war on the beach
That They Were at the Beach
By Leslie Scalapino

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