Another Kind of Tenderness by Xue Di, Bookcover showing a print of a shape resembling a mushroom or a tree, with little spore-like figures floating towards its top
Another Kind of Tenderness
By Xue Di
Translated by Keith Waldrop, Forrest Gander, Stephen Thomas, Ted Deppe, Sue Ellen Thomas, Wang Ping, Hil Anderson, Waverly Crook, Iona Crook
The Mudra by Kerri Sonnenberg, Book cover showing a close up of two palms engaged in a Mudra/hand movement, one palm is open.
The Mudra
By Kerri Sonnenberg
Euclid Shudders by Mark Tardi, Book cover showing a set of two keys dangling on a nail, black background.
Euclid Shudders
By Mark Tardi
Notebooks 1956-1978 by Danielle Collobert, Translated by Norma Cole, Book cover showing a small B&W photograph of a Brasserie, against a deep red background.
Notebooks, 1956-1978
By Danielle Collobert
Translated by Norma Cole
cover of The House Seen from Nowhere by Keith Waldrop; thick black ink smudge in a large vertical column on a white background, with title typed in red to its left and author name in black to its right
The House Seen from Nowhere
By Keith Waldrop

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