cover of Figured Image by anne-marie albiach, large ice glaciar with words printed on top in red and maroontext
Figured Image
By Anne-Marie Albiach
Translated by Keith Waldrop
cover for Step by Gerorge Albon, bright yellow background with a large white rectangle in the middle and black doodles inside
By George Albon
cover of Slef-Destruction by Laura Moriarty; b&w photo of a white stature of a man holding onto a woman around her waist as she holds a jug and he drinks from it, in front of leafy hedge, title and author name in bright yellow typed text
By Laura Moriarty
cover of Mind-God & The Properties of Nitrogen by Fouad Gabriel Naffah, translated and introduction by Norma Cole; textured off-white background, pastel simple sketch of a person on a walkway on two diagonal corners, pastel line drawings like square doodles in other two corners, title and contributor names centered in black typed text
Mind-God and The Properties of Nitrogen
By Fouad Gabriel Naffah
Translated by Norma Cole
cover of memnoir by joan retallack; dark green background with outline of a rectangle in the center with three thick cream-colored lines inside
By Joan Retallack
By Kit Robinson
cover of egypt by Dawn Michelle Baude, olive green background with blue square in the center and a light grey square with a painted maroon eye inside
By Dawn-Michelle Baude
cover of In/Somia by Etel Adnan; dark blue background with large green square at the center and three thick red lines inside
By Etel Adnan
cover of Portraits & Repitition by Stephen Ratcliffe; faded music score placed vertically, black ink blots scattered across the page
Portraits & Repetition
By Stephen Ratcliffe
A Dangerous Thing poetry by Ruth-Marion Baruch
A Dangerous Thing
By Ruth-Marion Baruch
cover of It's go in quiet illumined grass land by Leslie Scalapino; sky blue background with large white square at the center and three thick lines inside, one red and two blue
It’s Go In/ Quiet Illumined Grass/ Land
By Leslie Scalapino
cover of Everything Happens by Dominique Fourcade; dark green background with black outline of green square int he center and three thick lines inside, one red, one pink, one white
Everything Happens
By Dominique Fourcade
Translated by Stacy Doris
cover of Happily by Lyn Hejinian; bright yellow background with red outline of a large square and three thick lines inside, one blue, one red, one white
By Lyn Hejinian
cover of Some Life by Joanne Kyger; bright red background with large light pink square in the middle and three thick lines inside of different shades of green
Some Life
By Joanne Kyger
Codicil & Plan for Pond 4
By Emmanuel Hocquard
Translated by Juliette Valéry, Ray DiPalma
cover of meadow by tom raworth, bright red background with a large white square centered and three thick lines of different lengths stacked, one yellow, one green one red, typed yellow text of title and author name centered above
By Tom Raworth
cover of forged by fanny howe; light blue background with pale yellow square in the center and three thick lines inside, one light blue and two red
By Fanny Howe
cover of Last Decade by Karl Roeseler; bright background with bright blue square in the center and three thick lines inside, one yellow, one red, one white
Last Decade
By Karl Roeseler
cover of THERE by etel adnan; burnt orange background, large square b&w photo of a table beside a stool on a box with gourdes in top, in front of a curtain and window
There: In the Light and the Darkness of the Self and of the Other
By Etel Adnan
cover of OWL ON BOUGH by robert grenier, white background with handwritten lettering, as if drawn by a child
By Robert Grenier

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