cover of Rumors of Buildings to Live In by Keith Shein, metal staircase in the sky, small bird perched on the railing
Rumors of Buildings to Live In
By Keith Shein
cover of Music or Forgetting by E. Tracy Grinnell; rectangular b&w photo of families walking between tall cement buildings, light shining through behind, bright sky blue background behind image and a deep maroon column along right side
music or forgetting
By E. Tracy Grinnell
cover of Headlines by John Crouse; background is notebook paper, rectangular b&w image of sticks sticking out of water at near-center of cover
By John Crouse
cover of Tottering State by Tom Raworth, black background with white and light brown creating the shape of a simplified eye
Tottering State
By Tom Raworth
cover of Uxudo by Anne Tardos, whote background with macro black brush strokes
By Anne Tardos
cover of Partisans by Rodrigo Toscano, b&w landscape of two people walking on the beach along bottom half of cover, close of of people standing in a crowd along the top half
By Rodrigo Toscano
cover of The Arcades by Michael Davidson, b&w image of the inside of a large building with a windowed cieling and many arches along the walls
The Arcades
By Michael Davidson
cover of Fray by Jessica Grim; dark grey-green column along left side, right side is light grey background, image of a reg=ctangular yellow piece of paper with hand drawn parallelogram with left line missing
By Jessica Grim
cover of The Case by Laura Moriarty, teal background at the top, the bottom half has a collaged time lapse b&w image of a woman in a dress sifting sand through her fingers and throwing it in the air at a lakeside
The Case
By Laura Moriarty
cover of Citeria by Sianne Ngai; three repeated narrow vertical negative photos layered on top of each other of stone tied to a pulley system casting it shadow on the wall, photos are on a pink background
By Sianne Ngai
cover of The Seven Voices by Lisa Samuels, drawing of six butterflies separated by wood slats in a glass case, each pane of glass dusty with a clean/clear circle in the center of each
The Seven Voices
By Lisa Samuels
cover of Homing Devices by Liz Waldner; wall covered in painting of a red rock landscape and green fir trees, large rock with a tree growing out of it on the left side, banner of snowy mountain range across the top of the wall, ceiling is green with painted star and metal sun, umbrella leaning against the wall
Homing Devices
By Liz Waldner
cover of In Memory of My Theories by Rod Smith; light grey background, image of ghostlike figure on top of an old tv with a blue screen, tethered by a thin pole to a clear plexiglass spinning wheel
In Memory of My Theories
By Rod Smith
cover of Lapses by John Crouse; textured off-white background, four columns of nouns and verbs in light brown typed font with a blue textured check mark above each word, blue outline of rectangle surrounding eight words in third column from the left
By John Crouse
cover of VEL by P. Inman, black line drawing of bird silhouettes and a square b&w image of a wall and white pitcher
By P Inman
cover of Close to me & Closer by Alice Notley; top of page is a painting of deer and llamas grazing and laying in yellow and green grass with a purple sky, bottom of page is a painting of a male and female lion facing each other in yellow grass
Close to me & Closer… (The Language of Heaven) and Désamère
By Alice Notley
cover of Mob by Abigail Child; black background, b&w aerial image of large crowd in swimwear
By Abigail Child
cover by Curve by Andrew Levy; two smaller vertical rectangular b&w image negatives of nuns or saints, pink background with black line drawings with curves, lines, and arrows
By Andrew Levy
cover of Rome, A Mobile Home by Jerry Estrin, dark red background with horizontal b&w close-up photo of a line of stones in sand
Rome, a Mobile Home
By Jerry Estrin
cover of The Sugar Borders by William Fuller, light blue background with red line drawings of small birds
The Sugar Borders
By William Fuller

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