cover of Dreaming Close By by Rick London; brownish-red background with black ink brush strokes across the middle
Dreaming Close By
By Rick London
cover of Fray by Jessica Grim; dark grey-green column along left side, right side is light grey background, image of a reg=ctangular yellow piece of paper with hand drawn parallelogram with left line missing
By Jessica Grim
cover of Headlines by John Crouse; background is notebook paper, rectangular b&w image of sticks sticking out of water at near-center of cover
By John Crouse
cover of Home on the Range by Tenney Nathanson; colorful painting of two deer facing each other with blue ribbon in their mouths in a colorful, mythical landscape
Home on the Range
By Tenney Nathanson
cover of Homing Devices by Liz Waldner; wall covered in painting of a red rock landscape and green fir trees, large rock with a tree growing out of it on the left side, banner of snowy mountain range across the top of the wall, ceiling is green with painted star and metal sun, umbrella leaning against the wall
Homing Devices
By Liz Waldner
cover of Horace by Tim Atkins, Horace in yellow font, refelcted below it at top of page, dark grey-blue background, square image of splattered colorful goopy paint in shades of green and pink
By Tim Atkins
cover of Iduna by kari edwards; top third is bright sky blue, bottom third is deep red, middle thir is textured black and white, like a close up of smoke
By kari edwards
cover of In Memory of My Theories by Rod Smith; light grey background, image of ghostlike figure on top of an old tv with a blue screen, tethered by a thin pole to a clear plexiglass spinning wheel
In Memory of My Theories
By Rod Smith
cover of In Space In Situ by Amy Evans McClure; photo of a navy blue statue on a pedestal in front of a wood wall of a woman with no arms or head
In Space in Situ
Art by Amy Evans McClure
cover of It Then by Danielle Collobert, translated by Norma Cole, bright blue background with black and white photo of Collobert at the top
It Then
By Danielle Collobert
Translated by Norma Cole
cover of Kismet by Pat Reed; pink tinted photo of a tall window with items on the windowsill
By Pat Reed
cover of Lapses by John Crouse; textured off-white background, four columns of nouns and verbs in light brown typed font with a blue textured check mark above each word, blue outline of rectangle surrounding eight words in third column from the left
By John Crouse
cover of Lilyfoil by Elizabeth Treadwell; bottom half has b&w photo of apartment buildings, top half has b&w photo of close-up of clusters of white blossoms
By Elizabeth Treadwell
cover of Mob by Abigail Child; black background, b&w aerial image of large crowd in swimwear
By Abigail Child
cover of Music or Forgetting by E. Tracy Grinnell; rectangular b&w photo of families walking between tall cement buildings, light shining through behind, bright sky blue background behind image and a deep maroon column along right side
music or forgetting
By E. Tracy Grinnell
cover of Parcel by Sarah Anne Cox, image of groups of people with small sailboats on a beach above image of a large bird flying over sandy dunes
By Sarah Anne Cox
cover of Partisans by Rodrigo Toscano, b&w landscape of two people walking on the beach along bottom half of cover, close of of people standing in a crowd along the top half
By Rodrigo Toscano
cover of Picture of the Picture by Craig Watson, light pink background with smal rectangle image at center of cave drawings with teal tint
Picture of the Picture of the Image in the Glass
By Craig Watson
cover of Plum Stones by michael mcclure, light blue background with circular illustration at the center of boar-like creature standing on land and a dragon in water
Plum Stones/Cartoons of No Heaven
By Michael McClure
cover of Return of the World by Todd Baron, crayon textured light purple background with crayon-textured handwritten book title and author name
Return of the World
By Todd Baron

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