[where late the sweet] BIRDS SANG
By Stephen Ratcliffe
"…But I Could Not Speak…"
By Jono Schneider
248 mgs., a panic picnic
By Susan Landers
60 Iv Bo(e)mbs
By Paolo Javier
By Kit Robinson
A Beggar at Damascus Gate
By Yasmin Zahran
A Certain Slant of Sunlight
By Ted Berrigan
A Dangerous Thing poetry by Ruth-Marion Baruch
A Dangerous Thing
By Ruth-Marion Baruch
A Descriptive Method
By Claude Royet-Journoud
Translated by Keith Waldrop
A Transpacific Poetics
Edited by Lisa Samuels, Sawako Nakayasu
A’s Dream
By Aaron Shurin
Abjections: A Suite
By Rick London
Abu Musa’s Women Neighbors
By Ahmed Toufiq
Translated by Roger Allen
By Norma Cole
Art by Marina Adams
Agatha & Savannah Bay
By Marguerite Duras
Translated by Howard Limoli
Ah.Me. RICH. Ah (Your Exchange Value)
By Virginia Lucas
Translated by Jen Hofer
Amnesia of the Movement of Clouds / Of Red & Black Verse
By Maria Attanasio
Translated by Carla Billitteri
Animate, Inanimate Aims
By Brenda Iijima
Another Kind of Tenderness
By Xue Di
Translated by Keith Waldrop, Forrest Gander, Stephen Thomas, Ted Deppe, Sue Ellen Thomas, Wang Ping, Hil Anderson, Waverly Crook, Iona Crook
By Hugo García Manríquez

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